DIY Guide to Troubleshooting Solar Christmas/String Lights

You are getting ready to decorate for the holidays, so you pull out your solar Christmas lights you bought last year. Hang each string in perfect position, set your solar panel to capture the best sunlight and wait until night for your lights to come on. Once it’s dark outside, you check on the solar lights…dimly lit or even worst nothing, nada, zilch.

I understand your frustration, disappointment and aggravation.

How Solar Christmas/String Lights Work:

Sunlight is captured via solar panel and immediately transferred to a battery to be stored. Usually 2 or 3 AA rechargeable batteries located inside the solar panel box. Once the sun sets, the battery stops charging and a light detector automatically turns the string lights on. What powers the solar string lights at night are AA batteries. At dawn, the light detector sensor will turn the lights off and start recharging the battery again.

Here are easy Do It Yourself steps to troubleshooting your Solar Christmas/String Lights. Most common malfunctions are easily fixable.

This the cause of 85% of all non-functioning Solar Christmas lights..

First place you should always look is the battery. After a while, rechargeable batteries start to die and unable retain their charge. Simply replace the rechargeable battery. Any local hardware or convenient store will carry just what you need. I recommend 2,200 mAh or higher, because the bigger the battery, the more charge it can hold, therefore the longer it will keep your solar Christmas lights on at night.

How to replace the battery:

1. Flip the solar panel over so that the solar panel is facing the ground and the bottom is facing you.

2. You will notice 3 – 4 tiny screws; you will need an appropriate screwdriver for the size of the screws.

3. Once all screws are loose, CAREFULLY and SLOWLY remove the cover to expose the battery. (In this step, please be gentle, the wires that connect the solar panel to the battery will be visible.

4. Cautiously remove and replace the old rechargeable batteries

5. Place cover back on and tighten screws

Let’s test it! Make sure your Solar Christmas lights are in the on position. Cover the solar panel completely (it’s ok to use your hand or a book). Your lights should begin to come on.

If this is not get your solar lights working, here are other considerations:
  • Scan your solar string lights for signs of animal bites, weathering or bad connection. There could be a break or tear in the wire that can cause an electrical shortage
  • Did you turn your lights on? Sometimes we may forget to turn the switch on. This does not effect the battery being charge, but it will prevent your solar Christmas lights from turning on
  • Bad positioning of your solar panel. Try moving your solar panel into the best position to capture the most sunlight

Solar Christmas/Strings provide hassle-free, safe and environmentally friendly way to light up your home. Hopefully this will assist you in troubleshooting your solar Christmas lights.

If you have questions, I will be happy to assist. Contact us directly at 877.246.4335