Fuel Freedom : Why You Should Consider a Solar Generator For Your Job Site

Work doesn’t just happen in an office. For some of us, getting things done means getting away from the desk and heading to the job site.
In the field, it doesn’t take long to realize that access to a reliable source of electrical power quickly is a top priority. While looking for solutions to this perennial problem, many companies quickly settle on a gasoline-powered generator and move on. That’s too bad, because today’s fuel-less generators offer compelling benefits that no business should let pass by.


Fuel-less generators are far safer than their gasoline-powered counterparts.
Using a generator that burns fossil fuels requires storing those volatile chemicals on the job site. Do that improperly and you have an accident waiting to happen. It’s a liability you don’t have to take on if you choose a solar generator. These units can deliver all the power your crew needs without requiring access to anything more than the sun.
Solar generators also work without emitting dangerous fumes. Using a gasoline-powered generator without proper ventilation can cause serious health issues or even death. When your job site relies on solar power, risks associated with gasoline fumes simply do not exist.

Zero Cost to Operate

Of course, gasoline-powered and solar generators both require an initial capital outlay. The more power they can deliver, the higher that price will be. For a solar generator, the costs end there. After all, sunlight is still free. On the other hand, a generator that relies on fossil fuels, will take a bite out of your margins every time you turn it on.

Enhanced Reputation
While creating a safer environment for your workers and eliminating extra costs are two huge reasons to consider using a fuel-less generator, there are also marketing benefits to going with a solar-powered unit. When customers see a set of photovoltaic panels go up, they associate your company with an environmentally-friendly, high-tech approach to business. A solar generator can help make your company a firm that conscientious customers feel good about doing business with.
You will always need power at the job site, and often that will mean adding a generator to your inventory. Which kind—gasoline-powered or fuel-less—is up to you, but the advantages that a solar generator provides are certainly compelling. Choices range from smaller units like the Wagan Solar e Power Case, which can be hand-carried to any location, to massive 3000-watt, trailer-mounted models by Coyle. With safe, reliable power like that at your fingertips, there has never been a better time to think about going solar.