3 Tips For Choosing A Generator That Will Allow You To Keep Your Family Safe

Take a quick look at your appointment calendar. Did you find an entry for “Deal with Weather Related Emergency” or “Take Part in Evacuation” anywhere?
Of course you didn’t. Disasters don’t follow a predictable schedule. They arise unexpectedly, and you have to be able to respond accordingly. Sometimes that means digging in; sometimes it means bugging out.

If you find yourself in a situation where the best course of action is to pack up and get out of Dodge, maintaining access to electricity is critical. Be sure to make an appropriate portable solar generator part of your gear. When selecting a generator, you can make sure your choice is bugout friendly by considering these important factors:

Keep It Rugged
You don’t know what kind of conditions you will be heading into. You need a solar generator system that can stand up to extreme environments. You may never have to test exactly how watertight you system’s case is, or how it holds up to sweltering heat, but if you do, you want a system that promises to be up to the challenge.

Keep It Small
It’s tempting to buy the biggest system you can afford. After all, we live in a world where more is better. Unfortunately, in the face of disaster, more can also be a liability. You want a generator that you can move easily and that allows room for you to pack other gear. Only you can determine what the best tradeoff in size versus portability is, but select a system that can meet your needs without becoming too unwieldy.

Keep It Ready
Finally, keep your generator charged and ready to go. The batteries that come with most solar generators can hold a charge for a fair amount of time just sitting on a shelf. Make sure yours is always all set to start delivering power the minute you arrive at your bugout location. In a disaster, time can make all the difference. With so much on the line, failing to have your system in working order is simply unacceptable.
With adequate preparation, you don’t need to know a disaster is coming in order to respond appropriately when it arrives. If it becomes clear that “lighting out for the territories” is your best option, you want to be ready to go. By making sure you have a bugout-friendly source of power such as the Humless Roadrunner portable generator to take along with you, you will have a much better chance of staying safe—no matter where you’re going.